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The ABUS scope of supply offers everything to keep your production flow moving. From overhead travelling cranes up to 100 tonnes SWL, right down to compact chain hoists to lift 80 kg SWL, and a wide range of crane accessories and hi-tech crane components.

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Overhead Travelling Cranes

Overhead travelling cranes

ABUS overhead travelling cranes lift loads up to 100 tonnes SWL and transport them to any point chosen within the building area. They are available in four different versions for a variety of applications: Single Grider Cranes, Double Girder Cranes, Underslung Cranes and Single Girder Wall Travelling cranes.


The ABUS HB-System is a modular designed crane system with load capacities up to 2 tonnes SWL. The system can be adapted to conditions and dimensions of almost nay aplication and reliably mounted on a wide range of different ceilings can easily be extended any time allowing it to grow with your business.
Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes

ABUS Jib Cranes ensure a more flexible place of work. Depending on the type of Jib Crane used they can be mounted straight on the floor, on walls or even on columns. There are three different types of Jib Cranes available from lightweight to heavier duty applications and can be equipped with either Chain Hoists or Wire Rope Hoists.
Wire rope hoists

Wire rope hoists

ABUS Wire Rope Hoists lift up to 100 tonnes SWL and provide modern technology with the highest possible reliability levels. They offer very compact design, very easy maintenance and come with precision travel and precision lifting speeds as standard.
Electric chain hoists

Electric Chain Hoists

ABUS Electric Chain Hoists are available for a safe working load up to 4 tonnes ansfeature user friendly advantages such as: Extreme low headroom, dual speed lifting as standard, brake linings with exceptional long lasting wear characteristics as well as a large variety of additional features.
ABUS Lightweight

Lightweight mobile gantry

With the ABUS lightweight mobile gantry, you can mobilize the lifting power of an ABUS electric chain hoist. The crane is designed for loads up to tonnes and features four steerable stop rollers for easy handling.
ABUS Accessories


With the accessories in the ABUS product range an ABUS crane may be tailored to meet specific requirements. From numerous standard components to the individual special feature, ABUS will make the operation of your crane system reliable and safe.